Decking Cleaning Norwich

Decking cleaning Norwich is just one of our external cleaning services. Deck cleaning and oiling Norfolk is proving highly popular across the region. Over the years people have realised that without regular maintenance, decking, will not only appear very dirty, but also become extremely slippery and dangerous.

Homeowners often adopt the DIY approach to maintaining their wooden deck with their own pressure washer, only end up with ‘zebra’ lines and in some cases damaged wood.

It is important to remember that an integral part of keeping your wooden deck ‘healthy’ and able to withstand the elements is not only keeping it clean. It is also essential to apply regular coats of a good quality decking oil to keep it protected. Untreated timber can soon start to irreversibly dry out and start to rot.


Everbright’s professional approach to restoring a deck in most cases starts with a pre-treatment of specialist cleaner to kill off algae spores and break down other organic growth which manifests itself in the form of black ‘staining’ on the wood.

A few days after the pre-treatment, we will be able to effectively clean the wood, at low pressure, without risk of damage or ‘striping’. After cleaning, normally it only takes a couple of days for the timber to have dried thoroughly enough for the decking oil to properly penetrate into the wood. To guarantee total protection on any decking cleaning project in the Norwich area, Everbright always apply two generous coats of quality decking oil. We usually use Liberon decking oil supplied by Smartseal for lasting protection.

With no job to big or to small, we are always willing to carry out free site surveys and confirm quotations in writing. You can contact us today via our website or by calling 07557 919119.