Driveway Cleaning Norwich

Everbright’s most popular service is probably driveway cleaning Norwich. Block paving cleaning Norfolk is the most requested service, but we also offer most driveway cleaning services for Norfolk.

These days, there are more cars per family and parking spaces are always at a premium. A new driveway has become an essential home improvement for many years now. Whether you live in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Hemsby, Wymondham or Cromer keeping a driveway clean can be challenging.  

The majority of driveways in the Norwich area are laid in block paving. By their very nature, block paving drives need a regular degree of maintenance to keep them in good condition. This is partly due to the combination of laying a porous brick onto a bed of sand and inclement weather. For the majority of the year the block and the sand retain moisture, this creates the perfect environment for dirty looking algae to flourish, with moss and weeds also frequently establishing themselves in the joints.


Block Paving Cleaning Norfolk

At Everbright Cleaning we provide a specialist driveway cleaning and sealing service across the Norwich area. Wherever possible we try to clean drives without intensive pressure washing. This is because pressure washing can cause loss of colour from the paving and increase porosity. Once clean, we advise application of a good quality sealer, not only will a sealer make the paving weather resistant and less porous, it will also protect against colour loss from UV light. An additional benefit is that the sealer will stabilise the jointing sand and inhibit weeds growth.

Our normal step by step process includes a pre-treatment to kill off weeds or moss, a deep clean to remove muck from the joints and once thoroughly dry, re-sanding of the joints and professional sealing.

Everbright Cleaning not only clean block paved drives, but all other surfaces used for laying drives. Please call 07557 919119 for a FREE driveway cleaning quote, or fill in our online enquiry form.