Imprinted Concrete Sealing Norwich

Imprinted concrete sealing Norwich is one of our most heavily requested services. This is because Norwich is home to many styles and colours of imprinted concrete. Imprinted concrete is used across Norfolk for domestic and commercial installations. Patterned Imprinted concrete is recognised as the hardest wearing surface that can be laid for a driveway or patio. Imprinted concrete sealing Norfolk is now increasingly popular because of its durability. It has now been laid for over 30 years across the region.

A lot of its durability stems from the fibre mesh reinforcement that is used to strengthen the imprinted concrete. This reinforcing combined with the application of a protective sealer that protects the surface. The imprinted concrete sealer from Smartseal protects against wear, colour loss and staining. Although imprinted concrete does not require much maintenance, of course if left without regular re-applications of sealer surface deterioration is inevitable.

Everbright Cleaning provide specialist cleaning, sealing and repair service for imprinted concrete. A gentle pressure wash followed by a coat of sealer every 3-5 years should keep the surface of the concrete looking great.


Imprinted Concrete Sealing Norfolk

Have you recently moved into a property and noticed the imprinted concrete driveway is not looking great? This means the patterned concrete wasn't maintained and has resulted in your drive or patio looking worse for wear. Do not worry. Everbright Cleaning work in close association with Smartseal, the market leaders for imprinted concrete restoration. Together we have the knowledge to re-colour, repair chips and cracks in imprinted concrete. We can also remove oil stains and properly clean the surface of the concrete without causing further unnecessary damage.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement, the majority of our customers are amazed by the results our services achieve. If you have concerns about your concrete drive or patio, just contact us by calling 07557 919119. Imprinted concrete sealing Norwich is our main focus. We can also carry out imprinted concrete repairs in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Hemsby, Wymondham and Cromer. Why not request a FREE quote today?