Patio Cleaning Norwich

Patio cleaning Norwich is the most requested cleaning search term for area in East Anglia. We also receive many requests for patio cleaning and sealing in Norfolk. This is because homeowners who have spent a lot having their patios laid, want to protect their investment.

Across Norfolk, over the last 30 years many homeowners have complimented their home with a beautiful patio. Available in a stunning array of colours, designs and various materials a new patio is the perfect way to bring a garden to life and enhance any property. Unfortunately like any other external surface, inclement weather and exposure to sunlight can take its toll. This often means paving slabs made of concrete or natural stone will age prematurely and appear in need of replacement.

At Everbright Cleaning we provide a specialist patio cleaning and restoration service across Norfolk that not only recreates that ‘just laid’ finish, but protects the surface against future wear and tear.

Everbright Cleaning use the latest cleaning technology and quality sealing products. For a fraction of the original cost of installation,will transform and make your patio beautiful again.


Patio Cleaning & Sealing in Norfolk

Before we undertake any patio cleaning work we pay particular attention to the condition of the pointing present. If we feel that the patio cleaning process could in any way damage the pointing we take extra care. We will pre-treat with a specialist patio cleaner enabling the initial work to be carried out without intensive pressure washing.

Everbright Cleaning are proud to be a registered installer of Smartseal sealers, within their range of products will be a sealer formulated to protect and enhance any kind of paving slab or natural stone. Once clean we would recommend the application of a sealer to reduce future maintenance. Call for a FREE quote on 07557 919119 for patio cleaning and sealing in Norfolk.