Tarmac Restoration Norwich

Tarmac restoration Norwich is a specialist service from Everbright Cleaning. For many years there has not been a solution to the constant cycle of digging up ageing tarmac. When it has lost colour and started to break up tarmac repairs in Norfolk can be daunting. However we have the expertise to carry out tarmac restoration and make an old tarmac driveway look like new.

As tarmac get's older the protective resins within the material, that initially help keep it weather resistant and consolidated diminish. Once this happens tarmac and asphalt are at the mercy of the elements and wholesale deterioration generally sets in.

Fortunately there is now a solution that alleviates the possibility of having to replace the entire surface. Everbright Cleaning have harnessed the developments in protective coatings. We can now clean, repair, protect and restore any tarmac or asphalt surface. As long as the tarmac is in reasonable condition tarmac repairs in Norfolk can be carried out quickly.


The process of tarmac restoration Norwich starts with a gentle cleaning of the surface to prevent damage. If there is a degree of moss and algae present we can remove this easily. This is achieved by applying a specialist cleaner a few days beforehand to kill of the moss and algae spores. This enables effective cleaning to be carried out without the use of an intensive pressure washer.

Once clean and dry, any minor repairs to cracks and potholes can be carried out. This will leave the surface ready for the application of the protective coating. We then apply two coats of Tarmaseal™, the premier resin based coating available for tarmac and asphalt. The tarmac restorer soaks the valuable protective resins back into the surface that have been lost. Not only does Tarmaseal™ protect from further deterioration, it also re-colours with a UV resistant formula. This leaves the surface looking like new. Hopefully leaving expensive replacement of a tarmac driveway a thing of the past.

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